SDV Vol. 37. 1-2/2013: Formal and Computational Models of Narrative

Cover: SDV 1-2/2013

SDV. Sprache und Datenverarbeitung
International Journal for Language Data Processing
Heft 1-2/2013: Formal and Computational Models of Narrative

(Hg.: Hermann Cölfen, Ulrich Schmitz, Bernhard Schröder)

ISSN: 0343-5202

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This issue of the journal “Sprache und Datenverarbeitung” brings together researchers from different areas in formal and computational models of narrative (narrative generation, planning, corpora) and shows emerging trends (network analysis) and challenges from other narrative sciences (cognitive psychology, narratology). It also discusses an aspect of the impact the research in the field has (military).


Bernhard Fisseni & Benedikt Löwe

Erik T. Mueller
Computational Models of Narrative

R. Michael Young, Stephen Ware, Brad Cassell & Justus Robertson
Plans and Planning in Narrative Generation: A Review of Plan-Based Approaches to the Generation of Story, Discourse and Interactivity in Narratives

Andrew Hamilton & Fritz Breithaupt
These Things Called Event: Toward a Unified Narrative Theory of Events

Richard J. Gerrig & Jeffrey E. Foy
A Participatory Perspective on Readers’ Narrative Experiences

Mark A. Finlayson
A Survey of Corpora in Computational and Cognitive Narrative Science

Graham Alexander Sack
Social Network Analysis and Narrative: Reflections on Recent Literature

Mark A. Finlayson & Steven R. Corman
The Military Interest in Narrative