Involving Language Learners. Success Stories and Constraints

Cover: Heim / Rüschoff (Hg.) (2012): Involving Language Learners

Katja Heim / Bernd Rüschoff (Hg.) (2012):
Involving Language Learners

Success Stories and Constraints

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This collection of papers highlights the various angles from which the topic learner autonomy can be viewed. “Involving Language Learners: Success Stories and Constraints” represents the variety of mostly optimistic talks during the IATEFL Learner Autonomy SIG conference in Essen in November 2011. Research papers as well as reports of success stories of practitioners make this book a valuable read for researchers, teachers and trainee teachers alike.



Katja Heim & Bernd Rüschoff

The Secret of Success: Some basics

Leni Dam
The Beginning of a Success Story – a Personal Account

Lienhard Legenhausen
Principles and Successes in Autonomous Language Learning

Supporting Learner Autonomy at Tertiary Level

Anja Burkert
Developing Learner Autonomy at Tertiary Level

Nikola Mayer & Tanyasha Yearwood
Guidance and Learner Autonomy in Higher Education: Supporting Students in Reflective Practice

Assessment in and for Learner Autonomy

Maria Giovanna Tassinari
A Dynamic Model for Learner Autonomy: Raising Awareness through Self-Assessment

Ruth Wilkinson
“Learning to Learn” and the Fundamental Role of Self-Assessment: Successes and Constraints

Teacher Autonomy

Miriam Merten & Markus Ritter
Teacher Autonomy in the Context of German Teacher Education

Eva Wilden
Professional Development and Teacher Autonomy. A Study with EFL Student Teachers

Related Concepts

Marcella Menegale
The Importance of Language Learner Autonomy for Plurilingualism

Margit Hempel
First Steps to Autonomy: Using Storytelling in the Primary Classroom

More Success Stories: Learner Autonomy in Practice

Maria Eisenmann & Meike Strohn
Promoting Learner Autonomy in Mixed-Ability Classes by Using WebQuests and Weblogs

Sanja Wagner
Fostering Learner Autonomy among Migrant Children

Christian Ludwig
The Learners’ Perception of Autonomy and Constraints: a Case Study

Andy Barfield
More than Telling Success: Revisiting Teachers’ Learner Autonomy Stories